About Us


Now one of the country’s most exciting digital design agencies, SRS Technology has been creating world class digital experiences for household brand names around the world for less than a decade.

From our studio in Dhaka, SRS Technology’s ethos of building relationships (not sales targets) permeates throughout our client roster. Clients come back to us, because we deliver premier results focused on business objectives; ultimately, great design that resolves challenges.

Our clients tell their clients about us. Then they tell their friends. It means we don’t need to advertise or brag about our portfolio, and we don’t need to grow super quickly. Our digital design agencies just make great websites and happy clients.

Everyone who works at SRS Technology is exceptional – or they wouldn’t last very long in the team. Our extraordinary team of creative technologists, designers, developers and strategists make us masters of the web.

Our digital design agencies provides world class services to client based on extensive experience, regional knowledge, sound judgement, trust, integrity and discretion.

Strategic Focus

We are experts in creating world class digital experiences.
Focused, pushy and modest too.

We listen.

We ask questions. After that, we ask more questions, including stupid ones. At the end we ask some slightly less stupid questions.

We build a picture.

Your business, your objectives and the design challenge to be solved. With our understanding of your audience and what they want, and how to deliver your business objectives online, we create a strategy. We call it a ‘smart digital strategy’.

We solve your problem.

The world class, smart digital strategy that we create for a client is a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to resolving design challenges, meeting business goals and delivering a successful framework for both you and your audience.

Digital Excellence

The only way to succeed digitally, is excellence throughout

We only work with people who are capable of delivering excellence in everything they do. All of our team are hand-picked and highly trained. We don’t use any contractors or recruiting services, because we know that our offering is the excellence in the team.

The rule on excellence applies to our clients too. It is not a one-way solution of brief fulfilment or one-off jobs, but a collaborative effort, putting a decade of expertise in creating world-class websites at the heart of not just successfully achieving business goals, but exceeding them.

Driven by Objectives

We know we have created a digital success when we synchronise and satisfy both your business objectives, and the objectives of your audience.

We will help you to understand the harmonies between the two, to create a user experience that enables your audience to complete the task they need to (whether that’s buying a Superman t-shirt or finding out more technical detail about your new line of cloud servers) and delivers on your business objectives.

Talk to us about your targets, and how you think they can be achieved. We’ll fill in the gaps, and make sure you are using the most exciting digital techniques available.

On Honouring Brands:

Design is a language that solves problems. beauty is a by-product of great design.
A world class website is designed to solve a business challenge, but also honours the brand it is working for. To succeed in this goal, we make sure that we understand your business, and what the victory levers are. In order to understand your business, we will push you – hard. We shine a light on our clients, so that we can expose the parts of the business and the brand that we need to deliver results. We know the digital design, and you know your company. We work together to ensure that you get the best from both.


Since going live with our newly designed website and digital marketing strategy, Londonas Restaurant have experienced a 45% increase in monthly users.

Not Retainers.

Our clients don’t pay retainers; once we’ve delivered on your objectives, your website is yours to own. But if it breaks, we’ll happily fix it for you.

Our long-standing client relationships are testament to SRS Technology’s continued reputation among some of the world’s best known brands – we stick to our word, and we give you honest advice.

We want you to come to us as if we were part of your company; your team. We want you to be successful, because that means we will be successful.

The same goes for our extended family of business partners. As digital specialists, we have worked in many sectors for many different types of businesses, and we have built a network of agencies around us who think the same way – experts in their field; not generalists.

119% up

Find out how we helped Stylarz acheive a 119% sales increase per month.

SRS Technology carefully crafted an online experience that brought out the most important aspects of Londonas Restaurant, and help potential customers understand the 10 years journey in developing the skills to serve best quality food. Engaging and intuitive content-filled pages not only boosted average monthly users by 45%, but more time was spent on the websites with a 62% increase in sessions combined with a 48% dwell time. The increased web traffic Londonas Restaurant enjoyed a surprising figure of increase in sales within just the first month of new website going live.

When we are Together, we are bigger. Difference Maker.

We can make introductions to the best PR, branding, social media and print design available. We are used to working closely together on many different kinds of projects, and know your business would receive the same quality of service as you’d expect from SRS Technology. We create meaningful websites that offer simplistic user experiences, achieve high rankings on the most popular search engines and promote your brand to the widest possible audience. SRS Technology & Software Company is a digital design, strategy and development agency. We work on all sorts of projects for organizations and businesses from the small, local, and boutique to some of the largest companies (and brands) in the world.