The spark for Compasstourismbd was struck during a trip we made to cox-bazar in June of 2006.

While we were in Beijing, we were determined to make it to the Great Wall. Time constraints meant we couldn’t adhere to the fixed schedules of the bus tours, and they were all headed to the most touristy section of the wall, which really didn’t appeal to our more independent style of traveling.

About Compass

A local travel agent came up with a solution: a private driver would take us to the wall, wait while we explored, then return us to Beijing Airport in time for our flight. We wouldn’t have a guide, but at least we’d get to see the wall! Upon our arrival at Simatai, we were quickly joined by two local women who began giving us an impromptu and surprisingly thorough tour of the Wall’s history. Of course this sort of exchange did not come without strings: at the end of their ‘tour’ the women wanted to sell us souvenirs. An awkward exchange followed and we ended up feeling obligated to buy things we really didn’t want.

Bringing the world within you

Compasstourismbd provides private tours for travelers through our carefully selected network of local tour guides, each of whom is keen to share their knowledge, experience and expertise. The travelers we serve want to do unique things, experience the reality of a place and see its culture through the eyes of a local person. They are ‘sensibly curious’, socially conscious and value seeing their travel spending directly benefit the people who live in the communities they visit.


All of the content needed to be thoughtfully laid out with a range of devices and browsers in mind. At the heart of SRS Technology approach was to design an environment that would deliver vital content in a quick, easy and engaging way.

Part of a
larger story

The second element was to ensure that site worked as a portal for Compasstourismbd to share its wider story, showcasing elements from various parts of the business, but also to highlight its CSR activities – after all, there is more to the business than just its balance sheet.


Pushing a brand hard is good, but getting brilliant results is best

A clear, easy to use website that provides an up-to-date snapshot of Compasstourismbd corporate story to investors and media.

A content hub showcasing Compasstourismbd extensive CSR work.

A robust and long-lasting relationship between a large corporate enterprise in a highly complex and technical environment specialist in its field.

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