Fire Alarm & Detection System

Fire Alarm Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

If you already have a fire alarm system installed in your building, you still need regular testing and inspection of the system to ensure
that it is ready to operate and alert your employees and customers of an emergency.

We care about your safety. We offer Fire Alarm Solutions with total integration capability to best meet your building’s & factory’s needs. With long experience in fire alarm systems, we provide you with smart products and solutions, designed to let you rest assured that your lives will not only be protected, but quickly and effectively saved.
Your fire alarm system is your first response for alerting the people in your building to a fire or emergency. Therefore, keeping your system in proper working order is crucial for keeping your employees safe at all times! At SRS Tech, we can design and install a fire alarm system that will work with your facility and keep everyone protected. We also offer fire alarm inspecting, fire alarm testing, and fire alarm repair services all over the country.
At SRS Tech, we offer fire alarm design/build solutions with total integration capability to best meet your needs. We provide project managers and computer-aided drawing (CAD) technicians for all your fire alarm installation needs.
We can inspect, repair, and service every component of your fire alarm system, including:
  • Control Panels
  • System Devices
  • Pull Stations
  • Horns & Strobes

Control Panels

We offer control panels in all shapes and sizes for your application. Our technicians will customize our line of fire alarm panels to fit your needs.

Horns & Strobes

We ensures that these devices fit the mold of your facility, with differing colors, placements, and functionalities to complement your building’s design.

Pull Stations

These highly visible parts of a fire alarm system come with different styles and features for your selection.

System Devices

Many of our devices have microprocessor-based intelligence, being able to navigate differing sensor states.

Fire Hydrant System

The Hydrant System comprises of AC motor driven pump sets with all required accessories including valves, instrumentation and controls etc. Complete in all respects. We offer a range of Fire Hydrant System with all required accessories. An automatic hydrant system is furnished covering the areas completely.
Fire hydrant pump systems (also known as fire pumps, hydrant boosters, fire water pumps) are high pressure water pumps designed to increase the fire fighting capacity of a building by boosting the pressure in the hydrant service when mains is not enough, or when tank fed. They can also be used in water transfer and irrigation applications.
Hydrants inside the building is furnished with required accessories such as hose pipes with instantaneous gun metal couplings and branch pipes located in hose cabinets.

Components of the System

  • Fire Fighting Pumps & Accessories
  • Piping
  • Landing Valves
  • Hoses
  • Branch Pipes & Nozzles
  • Fire Brigade Connections
  • Wiring & Instrumentations
  • Maintenance Valves

Diesel & Electric fire Pumpsets

We offer complete assurance that all of our fire pumps are built and quality tested to meet Standards, using industry-recognised pumps and engines.

Fire Hydrant Enclosure

They are made from quality mild steel, perfect for sheltering hydrant systems and protecting them from the elements.

Deep Well Turbine Pumps

Deep-well turbine pumps are a type of vertical shaft submersible pump. They are also known as vertical turbine pumps, vertical line shafts pumps and lineshaft turbine pumps.

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler Systems is a significant factor in reducing fire losses. They are widely recognized as the single most effective method for preventing the spread of fires in early stages, often before they cause severe injury to people and massive damage to property. It is the most recommended solution.

Fire sprinklers save lives. Automatic fire sprinklers have been saving lives and protecting property for more than a century. SRS Tech is an expert at designing, installing, maintaining, testing and repairing fire sprinkler systems for buildings.

Our Fire Sprinkler inspection services are designed to comply with regulatory requirements. Some of our Fire Sprinkler testing services include:

  • Test full wet trip of dry pipe valves as required
  • Exercise and lube of all OS&Y valves
  • Test all flow, tamper, and pressure switches
  • Visually inspect sprinkler systems
  • Record static and residual main drain readings

Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Testing

We can properly inspect and repair:
  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Dry sprinkler systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Stand pipes
  • Fire hydrants and more

Wet Pipe Systems

By a wide margin, wet pipe sprinkler systems are installed more often than all other types of fire sprinkler systems. They also are the most reliable, because they are simple, with the only operating components.

Dry Pipe Systems

Dry pipe systems are the second most common sprinkler system type. Dry pipe systems are installed in spaces in which the ambient temperature may be cold enough to freeze the water in a wet pipe system, rendering the system inoperable.

Deluge Systems

Deluge” systems are systems in which all sprinklers connected to the water piping system are open, in that the heat sensing operating element is removed, or specifically designed as such. These systems are used for special hazards.

Pre-Action Systems

Pre-action sprinkler systems are specialized for use in locations where accidental activation is undesired, such as in museums with rare art works, manuscripts, or books; and data centers, for protection of computer equipment from accidental water discharge.

Foam Water Sprinkler Systems

A foam water fire sprinkler system is a special application system, discharging a mixture of water and low expansion foam concentrate, resulting in a foam spray from the sprinkler. These systems are usually used with special hazards occupancies associated with high challenge fires.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems are used for special applications in which it is decided that creating a heat absorbent vapor is the primary objective. This type of system is typically used where water damage may be a concern, or where water supplies are limited.

Fire Aspiration System

This system is basically used for Datacenter. Aspirating smoke detectors operate by drawing air in through a network of pipes with holes strategically placed within them to allow air to be drawn through the pipe network. The pipes are connected to an aspirating device which houses a smoke detector that samples the air drawn through the pipe network for smoke particles.
Technology advances — particularly in improved filtration, enhanced communications, and integration into the overall fire system under the management of a single control panel — are rapidly changing the capabilities of aspiration systems. They were traditionally regarded as a specialist technology for protecting high-value, enterprise-critical infrastructure, where very early warning and a low incidence of false alarms were the primary criteria.
Aspirating Fire & Smoke Detection Systems

Suitable applications for Aspirating Systems are:

  • Data or Comms Rooms – where very early detection of smoke is required to indicate potential problems with critical data servers.
  • High Level Warehouses – where warehouse heights make standard smoke detectors inoperable or maintenance of those detectors is not practical.
  • Cold Stores – where standard smoke detection would corrode or give false alarms due to water ingress.
  • Waste Sites – where dust particles would set off standard detectors or dirt may make them inoperable.
  • Private Houses – where discreet smoke detection is required.

Faast Systems

Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) is at the forefront of safety equipment, providing advanced fire detection for all businesses.

Vesda Systems

We provide high quality VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) as part of our aspirating systems range, offering sensitive and accurate fire detection for all businesses.

Stratos Systems

Our fire safety equipment range includes aspirating detectors from the Stratos range. The technology present in Stratos systems is renowned for providing highly sensitive smoke detection even in dusty and dirty places.

Wagner Systems

Our range of aspirating smoke detection systems also provides Wagner products, utilizing air sampling technology to identify the presence of fire within a commercial property.

Fire Suppression System

The quick suppression of a fire can help prevent catastrophic fire damage. If your business relies on sensitive electronic equipment in order to operate, the water from a fire sprinkler system can do as much damage as a fire itself! For businesses like these, fire sprinkler systems are not an option – which is why State Systems, Inc. offers fire suppression system services to our customers in the Mid-South! Our fire suppression systems react quickly to fires, suppressing them to minimize damage, clean-up and business downtime. Fire suppression systems are designed to protect things like financial records, data storage and data rooms, industrial equipment, healthcare records, collectibles, historical sites and more.

Our Fire Suppression Systems

At SRSTech, we offer a variety of fire suppression systems designed to keep your building safe from fires at all times, including:
  • Restaurants fire suppression systems
  • Vehicles and commercial fleet fire suppression systems
  • Industrial fire suppression systems
  • Auto body and paint booth fire suppression systems
  • Micro environment fire suppression systems
  • Hazardous material storage fire suppression systems
  • Server Room/ Data Center

Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler or sprinkler head is the component of a fire sprinkler system that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded.

Gaseous Agents

Gaseous fire suppression, also called clean agent fire suppression, is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire.

External Water Spray System

An External Water Spray System is a domestic external fire sprinkler system designed to protect homes from bushfires and wildfires. While external spray systems have long been used in fire protection for buildings and facilities.

Vehicle Fire Suppression System

A Vehicle Fire Suppression System is a fire suppression system installed on any type of vehicle. They are especially prevalent in the mobile heavy equipment segment. These systems are designed to protect mobile equipment from fire damage and related losses.

Fire Extinguishers

We offer our clients a wide range of fire extinguishers that comprise following types :

A B C” Stored pressure type: ABC fire extinguisher is useful for fires of A, B and C types. Fire breaking out in these types involves cotton, wood, grease, flammable liquids, electrical wiring, live machinery and others. The blanketing effect of extinguishers helps in decomposing fire rapidly.

Capacity: 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg

CO2 type fire extinguishers: We supply CO2 fire extinguishers that are used for class B and C fires. These classes include oil spillages, fabric, delicate machinery and various other materials. Our CO2 type extinguishers are able to extinguish fire by blanketing dilution of oxygen and cooling effects.

Capacity: 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 9 Kg

A clear head and a working fire extinguisher are two of the most important things you can have on your side if a fire breaks out. And at SRS Tech, we’re happy to provide both! Not only do we provide fire extinguisher services, including installation, inspections and maintenance, but we also train your employees on how to react to a fire to minimize damage and downtime and help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

  • Extinguisher Scanning & Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Cabinet Installation & Replacement
  • Fire Hose Inspection & Replacement

ABC Stored Pressure Extinguisher

Having rich industrial knowledge, we are providing ABC Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguishers to our esteemed clients. These ABC Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguishers are extensively used in various applications.

CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

The very popular CO2 extinguisher can be used on Class B & Electrical Fires, can be used on electrical equipment regardless of High or Low voltage and is highly effective against liquid flammables such as solvents, propane, butane & petrol

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