The school has an outstanding reputation and a long record of achievement in all fields of human endeavor. Students come from all areas of Savar and from a wide-range of socio-economic backgrounds. The special nature of the school allows students to focus on learning within a caring, challenging and culturally diverse environment.

Informative & User Friendly Website

The homepage needed to be clear, concise, informative and at the same time user friendly to the students and parents as well. Education involves the entire person – mind, body and spirit and in keeping with their goal to seek excellence in education they take with great joy.

Our job is to uphold the character of icon school & college in order to promote the digital version of them and decrease the distance between student teacher by not just making a great website but also a great tool to advertise to mass communication.

A perfect place to meet
students & teachers

At Icon School & College, their moral purpose is to provide all students with the opportunities to achieve personal bests in each of the domains, intellectual, creative, sporting and social. As a Web Development firm, our responsibility is to portray the real icon school & college to the community and make the school management’s agenda loud and clear to the prospective students and their parents.

Centers of Excellences

Icon School & College attracts and retains high quality people, experts in their fields who are dedicated to supporting students in their academic and wider endeavors. The School fosters rewarding and strong relationships between teacher and student, and every member of staff has a positive and proactive approach to their work and a willingness to participate in School life.
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