Kabir & Brothers Tannery is the world’s leading Cow, goat & sheep leather tannery and specializes in the manufacture of high quality leather for Lifestyle Footwear, Bags, Belts and equipment. The company expanded and diversified into the manufacturing of high quality products for leading brands. Set up in 1997, Kabir & Brothers Tannery is the oldest tannery in Dhaka.

The audience

Desire for innovation and total customer satisfaction drives the company to invest on Research, all around the year. Physical and chemical testing laboratory ensures quality, safety and performance of materials. Pilot scale tannery for development of new leather articles and end – use specific product ranges.

A Flexible homepage

Providing a great, quality, sustainable leather products showcase in online platform is only a part of SRS Technology’s research area. We need to give our client’s target buyer a user-friendly platform to engage with them online. Understanding the audience, and their interests allowed us to create content which entices interaction.

Content from the heart

While offering great magazine style content will satisfy our client’s audience, we need to deliver brand awareness too. Kabir & Brothers Tannery’s passion for leather products for daily needs, and providing with exclusive design, finely finished with affordable price to their client and create prospective field to gain more revenue in the coming years. Delivering content in a simple, digestible way. Not over complex, or fussy. Allowing our audience to relax into an article and explore it easily, all the while being exposed to Kabir & Brothers Tannery’s brand messaging.


We know that our audience buy products for home, use with them all the time on the bus or at the work and even at their desk. They use a range of devices, and expect an experience which is easy. Responsive design isn’t optional. To allow consumption of content and brand engagement, your design must be seamless across all devices.

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