Londonas Restaurant always welcome you to host your next private event whether it is a special occasion, lunch meeting or wedding reception. Hearth is everything the word implies. A warm, comfortable restaurant with hospitality as its goal. Hygienic Food, Quality and Quantity is the Londonas’s one and only Motto.

'Ask any chef;
ingredient is king'

By developing close relationships with Mediterranean suppliers and farmers, and the founders’ relentless search for the finest ingredients, Londonas Restaurant remains the leading supplier of specialty oils, spices and any other ingredients to the best chefs in the country.

Showcasing the 10-Years Journey

Creating a digital strategy that charts the journey of the choice of quality ingredients and tells a story required an effective eCommerce platform, to provide a unique user-experience of the quality that goes into both the Londonas Restaurant company ethos and its products.

SRS Technology and its dedicated team create a unique business strategy from inside the kitchen to frond desk. Our primary plan was to give food lovers a unique, versatile and at the same time user-friendly interface to surf around and order food online. 

SRS Technology’s Software development team developed an unique online food order system with instant both side e-notification, confirmation and food status update so that client can track their online food order including from the beginning till date.

user involvement has increased by 45%

Since going live with our newly designed website and digital marketing strategy, Londonas Restaurant have experienced a 45% increase in monthly users since we went live.

Creating a Digital Brand

A challenge was given to SRS Technology’s expert team to start from the scratch to convert a fully functioning interactive and user-friendly website that one could brows the front-end of the site and yet to showcase the brand identity.

Additionally, the new site required a mobile-responsive design and the ability to convert interested customers into direct sales.

Instant ROI

SRS Technology carefully crafted an online experience that brought out the most important aspects of Londonas Restaurant, and help potential customers understand the 10-year journey in developing the skills to serve best quality food with homely environment and wold class hospitality service in the food industry.

Engaging and intuitive content-filled pages not only boosted average monthly users by 45%, but more time was spent on the websites with a 62% increase in sessions combined with a 48% dwell time.

The increased web traffic and time spent on the site provided an instant ROI as Londonas Restaurant enjoyed a surprising figure of increase in sales within just the first month of new website going live. To date, the number of average monthly sales shot up by an incredible value from total order.

Key Results

A website that exploits Belazu’s most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end, premium experience.

A website that exploits Londonas Restaurant’s most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end premium experience.

Serving the people of food lovers sector through new, more efficient and innovative way by launching 100% Dynamic and Responsive website.
Development of a dedicated online food order and delivery platform from the ground-up, including restaurant branding and innovative way to serve locally. Increase customer and get more revenue in first year.

On-going Support

To support and maintain Londonas Restaurant’s impressive growth, and stay on-top of developments in the eCommerce market, SRS Technology provides expert performance reviews, with analysis of KPIs such as customer drop-offs, or any other hindrances that could that could attribute to website downtime.


All of the content needed to be thoughtfully laid out with a range of devices and browsers in mind. At the heart of SRS Technology’s approach was to design an environment that would deliver vital content in a quick, easy and engaging way.

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