For years, Stylarz created a very high end, luxury brand, lauded by customers, celebrities and design houses worldwide for its exceptional quality and beauty.

Getting Down
to Business

Founded by most promising Entrepreneur, Shamim Rony, and created from its Dhaka studio. Stylarz is an international online retail destination serving young men & women worldwide. We’ve been bringing style, beauty, jewellery & fashion accessories to you since 2017. Our products are directly imported from UK, USA & JAPAN with exclusive ideals in mind.

We aim to inspire the next generation of young men and women to be the best version of themselves, and to be confident in their own skin as well as their clothes. Stylarz has thousands of styles, beauty care products, jewellery items, watches, men’s items, sunglasses and many more. Stylarz is your one-stop-shop for styles inspired by the latest fashions.

Bringing the Brand Online

Stylarz had a strong foundation for a new front end with its Shopify platform. With eCommerce moving at such a pace, particularly in relation to the shift of consumers shopping from desktop to mobile devices, the brand needed to stay ahead of the curve to reinforce the brand experience.

Stylarz website homepage

As well as boosting SEO rankings, Stylarz wanted to boost overall traffic to the site, particularly in line with a re-focus on its brand, its audiences and buyer personas, which include the premium gifting market.

Key Results

A website that exploits Stylarz’s most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end, premium experience.


119% Increase in sales


40% Increase in time spent on critical pages


65% Increase in unique users

Stylarz website
Savar web design

Product detail at your Fingertips

Stylarz wanted to retain control of adding its ‘curated kink’ lines to the site, which change with the fashion seasons, twice a year. It needed to be able to constantly re-invent the website’s content, to excite the audience and create a desire for the latest designs.

Unconventional but Effective

By exposing parts of the business Stylarz didn’t realise were assets we delivered a re-invented brand experience.

Under the Skin

Our close collaboration with Stylarz’s marketing team, included multiple visits to the design studio and atelier to better understand the customer experience. With rich red carpets, leather seats, patterns cut out and on display, alongside huge inspiration walls, we believed this captivating atmosphere should be reflected on Stylarz’s online offering.

Our unconventional approach meant asking questions that Stylarz had not already thought about, and exposing parts of the business they didn’t realise were assets. From this, we quickly realised that we wanted to exploit Stylarz’s biggest asset – its striking imagery.

119% Sales Increase

Since going live with our new design and strategy, Stylarz have experienced a 119% sale increase per month since we went live.


We know that our audience consumes content on the sofa at home, on the bus to work and at their desk. They use a range of devices, and expect an experience which is easy. Responsive design isn't optional. To allow consumption of content, and brand engagement your design must be perfectly across all devices.

Stylarz website
Savar web design
Stylarz website
Savar web design

A very happy client...

“Conversion rates have soared since the launch of the new design, and we are now seeing revenues up 119% per month since we went live. One of the biggest and most positive changes was the overall synergy between the way we present our brand at our atelier and studio, and online. Previously, the look and feel did not align with our customer experience, but today it is a true extension of our brand ethos.”

Shamim Rony
Managing Director

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