When it comes to business, communication matters. From phone service to High Speed Internet and TV, get all the services you need for your business from a leading company in Bangladesh. They’re proud of their GEO Net brand because we stand behind our work.

Super Nova ISP

Committed to keeping people connected to what matters most to them, Super Nova is a leading provider of internet services to business and residential customers. Their 250 employees in 4 states work every day to innovate, collaborate, respect and deliver for every one of their customers.

Compass Tourism

Compass Tourism is a leading tourism company in Bangladesh. Their vast knowledge of tourism industry and a sensitive and careful mind of taking care of their valued client is the power of success. Hygienic food with neat and cleanly environment is something they can’t compromises with. That’s why client tells their friends, their friends tell their friends too.

Era Gift House

At Era Gift House, gift can be found for every occasion and for everybody. From house hold to crookeries to ceramic item, everything. Most importantly, Era Gift House is a soul distributor of Kiam. A user-friendly website gives you to choose your product online before you can even walk down to the shop and look for it, is the amazing initiative of Era Gift House’s one and only motto.

SRS Software

SRS Software is a creative application development agency that helps innovative brands and businesses engage with their customers across multiple digital platforms. They utilize a user centric design philosophy combined with inventive uses of leading edge technology to develop web and mobile applications that connect with users on a visceral level.

S A Vision

S A Vision is a bright name to their valued client with the trust and reliability. They have vast knowledge of experience in this particular field to organize  government and non-government event within Bangladesh. They have strong background and knowledge of video and photography with the state of art tools and editing studios.

SRS Hosting

Founded in 2018, SRS company was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers and supporters. The values they own today – long-term connections, continuous improvement, being who you are – were rooted by our customers over the years of successful collaboration.

Oro Toro Restora

The meaning of ORO TORO stands for Golden bull. The word focuses either various types of steak prepared by beef or a tasty food which is a combination of various cooking ingredients. The main characteristics of the food prepared is 100% hygienic and consequently satisfy the consumer who takes their meal either regular or occasional basis in a restaurant.

Mohona Buying

Mohona is a garment buying house & apparel sourcing company. They deal with all kinds of Woven, Knit & Sweater item. They specialized in Knit items such as T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Sweat shirt, Fleece & Flat Knitted sweater such as Pullover, Cardigan etc. Mohona believes their customers are the reasons they exist for without them they don’t exist.

Sale Deal

Sale deal is a website where you can buy and sell almost everything. From Sale deal you can also send bKash to your friends and family in Bangladesh. The best deals are often done with people who live in your own city or on your own street, so on Sale deal it’s easy to buy and sell globally. All you have to do is select your region.

Silk Limousine

Bringing forward the quality, and creativity of a master in their field using simple and elegant design. Silk Limousine Service Australia is a finest chauffeur company in Australia. Their aim is to provide a fast and reliable chauffeur service for both personal and corporate clients at a competitive rate with no compromise to safety, quality or punctuality.

Mohana Printers

Mohana Printers has established in Dhaka, Bangladesh with its moto of changing printing industry. Whether you require a set of business cards, a folded leaflet, a Corporate Brochure or a regular magazine, they can offer a solution tailored to your specific needs in terms of budget, timescales and quality.

News Cell

Committed to keeping people connected to what matters most to them, News Cell is a leading provider of latest news. Their employees in 4 states work every day to innovate, collaborate, respect and deliver for every one of their customers.


Stylarz is an international fast-fashion online retail destination serving young men and women. We’ve been bringing West Coast style to you since 2017. Bangladesh is fast-paced, forward-thinking & fashion-centered at its core. Our products are designed & curated in the heart of UK, USA & JAPAN. We strive to bring the trendiest fashions fast – from design concept to our site to our customers’ doorstep.

Super Medical

Super Medical Hospital started its operation and it has already earned national and international reputation as centre of excellence for medical services and research. Patients coming from the remote corners of Bangladesh, are attended at the outpatient departments daily. Besides patients with heart ailments at outpatient services are in-built with the in-patient services of other departments.

Londonas Restora

We always welcome you to Londonas Restaurant to host your next private event whether it is a special occasion, lunch meeting or wedding reception. Hearth is everything the word implies. A warm, comfortable restaurant with hospitality as its goal. Hygienic Food, Quality and Quantity is the Londonas’s one and only Motto.

BELA Physio

At BELA, Treatment is provided by an experienced team of physiotherapists, who combine their expertise with the latest research, to ensure patients receive the most effective treatment. Sharing knowledge empowers patients in their own recovery. We provide a coordinated programme of rehabilitation, working with the patient, their family and other health care professionals, to enable patients to achieve their goals.

Kabir Tannery

Kabir & Brothers Tannery is the world’s leading Cow, goat & sheep leather tannery and specializes in the manufacture of high quality leather for Lifestyle Footwear, Bags, Belts and equipment. The company expanded and diversified into the manufacturing of high quality products for leading brands. Set up in 1997, Kabir & Brothers Tannery is the oldest tannery in Dhaka.

SSE Media

In keeping with the name “Silver Screen Entertainment” rated best among the Production house in Bangladesh. As an institution of higher quality that promotes ethical standards, values and norms. SRS Technology’s primary mission of Silver Screen Entertainment is to provide, at a reasonable cost and better quality. It was time to push Silver Screen’s digital strategy into a new stage of growth. A new world class website.

অবিনাশ ব্লগ

শত শত ষ্পার্মের সাথে যুদ্ধ করে একটি মাত্র ষ্পার্ম মায়ের ওভারিতে পৌছুতে পেরেছিলো। সেটাই অবিনাশ। এক ও অদ্বিতীয়। যে সব দৃশ্য ভাবায়, বুকের ব্যাথা বাড়ায়, সেসব নোট করে করে বেড়ে উঠা এই ব্লগার একদিন সব সত্য ফাঁস করে দেয়ায় প্রতিজ্ঞাবদ্ধ। ব্লগার নিজেকে আড়াল করে শুধু মাত্র লেখনির মাধ্যমে তার অস্তিত্ব পাঠক/পাঠকাদের জানান দেয়া, লেখনির মাধ্যমে তাদের চিন্তার খোরাক দেয়াই যেন একমাত্র বেদ বাক্য।

In Touch Restora

Imagine a stream of soft light focused on a single white orchid, set on a white tablecloth. Romantic ambiance for an intimate dinner. Contemporary décor within historic stone walls. And exquisite cuisine, prepared with fine Indian, Thai & Bangla cuisine.If you desire to savour the chef’s specialties, our Dégustation menu will seduce you.

SRS Corporation

SRS Corporation does business at different level of Apparels Production & Sales, Film & TV Industry, Computer Parts & Electronic Items import & Distribution and Land Development & Properties Sales. For every engagement, they assemble a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise.