Crafting a new digital experience for an intelligent chauffeur service agency. Bringing forward the quality, and creativity of a master in their field using simple and elegant design. Silk Limousine Service Australia is a finest chauffeur company in Australia. Their aim is to provide a fast and reliable chauffeur service for both personal and corporate clients at a competitive rate with no compromise to safety, quality or punctuality.

Rethinking their digital

Rethinking their digital presence of Silk Limousine Service Australia wanted to reinvent their digital presence to their client. They needed a brand new digital strategy that would enable them to showcase their expertise and strong understanding of this vast chauffeur service industry. To show the client there in depth perception of the industry, and a forward thinking and smart communication ability that makes them experts.

Highlighting Expertise

“We don’t need to say it, we do it”. We needed to deliver a carefully crafted platform that would enable Silk Limousine Service Australia to show the user their expertise, demonstrate understanding and success without patronising.

effective design

The second element was to ensure that site worked as a portal for SRS Corporation to share its wider story, showcasing elements from various parts of the business, but also to highlight its CSR activities – after all, there is more to the business than just its balance sheet.


All of the content needed to be thoughtfully laid out with a range of devices and browsers in mind. At the heart of SRS Technology’s approach was to design an environment that would deliver vital content in a quick, easy and engaging way.
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