SRS Corporation does business at different level of Apparels Production & Sales, Film & TV Industry, Computer Parts & Electronic Items import & Distribution and Land Development & Properties Sales. For every engagement, they assemble a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise.

Local Business
Global Platform

SRS Corporation has stablished in Bangladesh with its other sister concern business entity. But setup a business in Bangladesh wasn’t an easy job at all. Therefor with the combination of expert’s advice and hard work of SRS Technology, SRS Corporation became stronger, bigger and financially benefited company and all the hard work of SRS Technology and its staff, paid off really well.

SRS Technology’s smart digital strategy and ability to work on highly technical, high standard projects for large corporates, coupled with SRS Corporation’s commitment to supporting Bengali SMEs, provided the perfect partnership.

Bringing the brand online

SRS Corporation’s brief for the new corporate website was that it must be clear, clean and highlight its brand, ethics and strength in the Bangladesh’s multinational business market. At the heart of it however, it must focus on content; content that its stakeholders (including investors) are engaged by, learn from and take them on a journey.


All of the content needed to be thoughtfully laid out with a range of devices and browsers in mind. At the heart of SRS Technology approach was to design an environment that would deliver vital content in a quick, easy and engaging way.

Part of a
larger story

The second element was to ensure that site worked as a portal for SRS Corporation to share its wider story, showcasing elements from various parts of the business, but also to highlight its CSR activities – after all, there is more to the business than just its balance sheet.


Pushing a brand hard is good, but getting brilliant results is best

A clear, easy to use website that provides an up-to-date snapshot of SRS Corporation’s corporate story to investors and media.

A content hub showcasing SRS Corporation’s extensive CSR work.

A robust and long-lasting relationship between a large corporate enterprise in a highly complex and technical environment specialist in its field.

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