Optimize your network
to deliver seamless, secure
and reliable experiences


Making changes to your network, no matter how small, can be daunting. You need a service that delivers results but doesn’t disrupt your connection to your customers.

So, whether you want to get more out of an existing network or deploy a new, advanced platform, our engineers will keep downtime to a minimum. What’s more, we only recommend technology that makes sense for your organization.

Optimize an Existing Network or New Implementation

Whether you want to start from scratch or have an existing networking solution, SRS Software takes pride in its implementations. Our certified IT professionals have done consulting work for companies of all sizes and we would be more than happy to optimize your current network to help prevent wasted time, frustrated employees, and lost revenue.

The Backbone of Your Business’s Technology Infrastructure

The connections between your computers, servers, printers, and the internet can play a crucial role in the performance of your business. This computer network, and each of its connections must be fast, reliable, and secure. 

We utilize industry best practices to ensure a stable technology infrastructure that can comfortably meet the demands of your business. Plus, our expert systems engineers have hands-on experience working with leaders in various industries. Furthermore, you can count on our networking solutions being delivered on time and within budget.

Security and Compliance

We know we have created a digital success when we synchronise and satisfy both your business objectives, and the objectives of your audience.

Hackers spawn viruses, worms, spam, and ransomware for a profit. They will threaten you, steal from you, hold your valuable data hostage for a price and have no reservations about destroying your businessFor these reasons, you must start protecting your connections to the Internet, so you and your employees can stay safe without sacrificing productivity.  

Our computer networking
services include

  • LAN, MAN & WAN
  • Application Switching & Optimization
  • Ethernet & Metro Routing Switches
  • Multi-service Switches
  • Network Management
  • Secure Routers
  • Wide Area File Services
  • Security & VPN
    • Network Management
    • Secure Network Access Switches
    • Secure Routers
    • Security
    • Switched Firewalls
    • Threat Protection Systems
    • VPN Gateways
    • VPN Routers
  • Wireless Networks
    • WLAN
    • WiMAX
    • Wireless Mesh

Not Retainers.

Our clients don’t pay retainers; once we’ve delivered on your objectives, your website is yours to own. But if it breaks, we’ll happily fix it for you.

Our long-standing client relationships are testament to SRS Technology’s continued reputation among some of the world’s best known brands – we stick to our word, and we give you honest advice.

We want you to come to us as if we were part of your team. We want you to be successful, because that means we will be successful.

The same goes for our extended family of business partners. As digital specialists, we have worked in many sectors for many different types of businesses, and we have built a network of agencies around us who think the same way – experts in their field; not generalists.

When we are Together, we are bigger. Difference Maker.

We can make introductions to the best PR, branding, social media and print design available. We are used to working closely together on many different kinds of projects, and know your business would receive the same quality of service as you’d expect from SRS Technology. We create meaningful websites that offer simplistic user experiences, achieve high rankings on the most popular search engines and promote your brand to the widest possible audience. SRS Technology & Software Company is a digital design, strategy and development agency. We work on all sorts of projects for organizations and businesses from the small, local, and boutique to some of the largest companies (and brands) in the world.

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