Our Core Values
Responsive. Reliabile. Accountable.

Our core values
are what sets us apart from the competition

We strive to give you the highest level of service that you’ve come to expect from a quality managed service provider. That’s why GAM Tech has set in place Three Core Values that drive our company and protect our clients. Each value guides our decision-making process and keeps us laser-focused on providing only exceptional service.


We deliver a 5-minute response time. We know it may sound like a stretch, but put us to the test. We want nothing more than to have you shouting, “WOW!” At SRS Tech & Software, our motto is simple, “You shouldn’t have to wait on I.T. to respond to you.”


When your system goes down, you shouldn’t have to deal with repeat calls from IT – just to discuss the same issue over and over. We will stand behind our work, offering no excuses or empty promises, and we’ll work hard to find the correct solution the first time. 


We delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage. Our initial contract allows us to fully implement service plan  detail of your network infrastructure. Beyond this, you are free to cancel the contract at any time – no additional fees.

As industry leaders, our dedicated team focuses on building proven
manage IT service solutions. Our results are not base on
features or price, but tested security results.

Uptime is Great
Save You Time & Money
We Know Your Business
No Security Headaches

Uptime is Great for Business -

We Save You Time & Money -

We Know Your Business -

No Security Headaches -

SRS Technology & Software’s mission is to keep everything up and running- keeping you, your employees, your customers and potential clients happy. 

At SRS Technology & Software there is no unexpected or hidden IT costs popping up unannounced. You pay the same amount each month, regardless of how much support you may need.

24×7 monitoring and support gives us insight into your network and devices. Just like you know every square inch of your business, we will get to know every bit and byte of your network.

It’s frustrating when you’re unexpectedly hit with a compliance or security rules violation. We ensure IT compliance rules have been met. Protecting your business’ reputation is our business.

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