Doctor's Practice
Management Software

Practice Management Software
for Better Quality of Care

Doctor's Practice Management Software is a reliable platform for simple and effective private practice management, helping you to analyse and improve your workflow.

Forget about inconvenience of traditional paperwork. Practice managers have access to all information that passes through the system. Access to the data can be set at both individual and team levels.

Friendly Interface

The simple interface makes for far less hassle for practitioners, receptionists and practice managers.


We protect the data transfer link and segregate access based on the professional roles you assign to your colleagues.

Patient Management

By automating your patient communications, we ensures your patient retention is as high as can be.


We’re willing to help you around the clock. Our experienced technical support team will be glad to answer your questions

Features to Boost Your
Private Practice

Doctor's Practice Management Software that helps you to optimize your clinical effectiveness, and the patient experience as a whole. We provide a full range of statistics on phone calls, medical services rendered, patient retention rate and doctors' workload distribution. In the meantime, your patients will get automatic reminders of the dates and times of their appointments, and they'll be able to book an appointment online at their own convenience.

Benefits of Doctor
Management System?

  • Organise patient information for clinicians and admin staff to reach out easily.
  • Optimise the patient experience and retain your patients for longer.
  • Improve patient engagement and boost your clinical outcomes.
  • Take templated notes and automatically insert patient information.
  • Automatically generate prescriptions, referral letters and other documents.
  • Handwriting can be illegible to both colleagues and scanners.
  • Specific pages can be missing or fall out during transport, e.g. letters, lab results.
  • No expense to copy, transport and store. Access online.
  • Hard to track who has visited and keep the important information.

Unleashed Your Benefits of
Doctor Management Software

Online Appointment Booking


Electronic Health Records

Build Your Brand
Automate Your Marketing

Patients visiting Online Appointment Booking page will see your practice’s logo and brand colours. Stay recognisable enough for your current patients and promote your brand among new ones.


Sometimes patients just forget about appointment. Medesk will send them a text message reminder a day or two before the visit.

Physicians will also get a message on the patients’ arrival and visits’ cancellations.

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