Hospital Management

What is Hospital Management System?

A Hospital Management System is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a hospital’s operations such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance. It includes electronic health records, business intelligence and revenue cycle management. Hospitals and healthcare facilities improve the quality of healthcare services, reduce operating costs, and improve revenue cycle by using such hospital management system. Hospital Management System typically includes Outpatient and Inpatient Management, Doctor’s Scheduling, Accounting etc.

Introducing our Product

SRS Technology & Software’s Hospital Management Software (HMS) generates relevant statistical data that help management authority to identify the gaps for improving the quality of services as well as to run the business effectively. Our System is a combination of different modules. Each module developed to improve the collaboration efficiency, decrease the communication cost and optimize knowledge management and to ensure perfect workflow. It maintains high security for Client’s data and records.

Benefits of Hospital
Management System?

  • Personalized dashboards provide dynamic worklists and visibility to work status and other key performance metrics.
  • Powerful reporting tools that enable inclusion of annotated images in reports, convenient access to scanned text phrases, ability to produce a cross lab discipline report, and editing capabilities similar to MS Word.
  • Convenient attachment of items to the case record including: images and requisition details.
  • Powerful storage and tracking tools to manage and can be integrated your main inventory of specimen, blocks, and slides etc.
  • Case event log reports that provide chronological history of all activities relating to a case.
  • Seamless management of tissue samples shared with other departments- e.g. genetics.
  • Case Manager provides one click access to a complete patient history and to the test requisition.
  • Flexible integration to bar code labelers, tissue processing, strainers, and digital pathology systems on demand.
  • Robust rules engine provides flexibility for reflex/confirmatory tests, correlations, and QA protocols.
  • Integrated Charge Manager module enables automated charge capture/billing.
  • Investigation Manager module helps to identify and ensure resolution of laboratory discrepancies, problems, or issues.
  • Configurable workflows for review/approval or second opinion referral.

Unleashed Your Benefits of
Hospitatl Management Software

Patient Registration

Appointment & Scheduling

Outpatient Management

Inpatient Management

Why Сhoose our Software?

As A hospital owner, you are now challenged every day with the declining of patient volume, higher management and maintenance costs and the resource shortages. Therefore finding and implementing our Hospital Management Information System will involve more than just the desire for enhancing the safety of the patients along with your cost reduction. Introducing the HMIS is specifically designed for the worldwide chains of rural hospitals.

  • Cloud based System.
  • Instant Information retrieval.
  • Least Manpower Requirement.
  • Complete and extensive hospital management solution.

Our Features

Inpatient Billing

Discharge Summary

Laboratory Management

Radiology Management

Pharmacy Management

Consultant Management

Security Management

Medical Data

TPA (Penals)

Reception Management

MRD Management

MIS Reports

Accounts Management

Service Management

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