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Pathology Laboratory Reporting Software

We are an energetic team producing cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to facilitate laboratories seamlessly manage their data and automate their laboratory workflows. It gives high quality report printing and provides efficient management of lab records. This program is user friendly, i.e. you don’t have to remember codes for tests and doctor names. Just select the test or doctor’s name from the list. 

LIMS enables laboratories to replace spreadsheets and paper notebooks with a cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for managing laboratory data. This helps in eliminating manual errors, improvising data quality, improving laboratory results turnaround time, and streamlining laboratory operations. You can manage all laboratory processes and administration, courtesy our customizable solution that fully integrates with the workflow of a pathology lab. Optimize your operation and make smart decisions about inventory, guaranteeing that your resources are spent on the right things.

Benefits of Lab
Management System?

  • Enables workflow automation, thereby eliminating human errors.
  • Enables flexible configuration/setup.
  • Centralizes access and storage of quality control data.
  • Facilitates labs to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Tracks laboratory inventory.
  • Enables downstream data analysis.
  • Personalized dashboards provide dynamic work-lists and visibility to work status and other key performance metrics.
  • Configurable templates provide flexibility to manage a variety of histology and cytology case types.
  • Powerful reporting tools that enable inclusion of annotated images in reports, convenient access to scanned text phrases, ability to produce a cross lab discipline report, and editing capabilities similar to MS Word.
  • Powerful storage and tracking tools to manage and can be integrated your main inventory of specimen, blocks, and slides etc.
  • Seamless management of tissue samples shared with other departments- e.g. genetics.
  • Case Manager provides one click access to a complete patient history and to the test requisition.
  • Flexible integration to bar code labelers, tissue processing, strainers, and digital pathology systems on demand.
  • Robust rules engine provides flexibility for reflex/confirmatory tests, correlations, and QA protocols.
  • Integrated Charge Manager module enables automated charge capture/billing.
  • Investigation Manager module helps to identify and ensure resolution of laboratory discrepancies, problems or issues.
  • Configurable workflows for review/approval or second opinion referral.

Unleashed Your Benefits of
Lab/Pathology Management Software

Sample Management

Patient Management

Storage Management

Test Management

Data Confidentiality Management

Compliance Requirements

Why Сhoose our Software?

  • Be regulatory compliant.
  • Track samples in real time.
  • Manage complex workflows.
  • Record patient data on the cloud.
  • Simplify Your Pathology Lab with us.
  • Print reports faster, from any center.
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating human errors.

Intelligent Lab Management Software

Our software is a class-leading frozen sample management solution that is
indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory.

Deployed in Hours, not Weeks

Automates more daily sample management operations than more expensive and difficult to deploy software solutions.

Makes Daily Lab Operations Easier

Cloud records information for sample check in and out, aliquotting and inheritance, plus storage location data with only a few clicks or a drag of the mouse.

Enhances Accuracy and Availability

Advanced data mining, automatic data validity checks, hundreds of alert settings and embedded integration with few of the tools users and admins have to ensure that data is input properly and is immediately accessible for analysis and reporting.

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