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SRS TECHNOLOGY is an Agency that helps take care all of your business needs 
regarding your website, graphics design, content witting, seo & many more.

About Us

From our studio in Dhaka, SRS Technology & Software’s ethos of building relationships (not sales targets) permeates throughout our client roster. Clients come back to us, because we deliver premier results focused on business objectives; ultimately, great design that resolves challenges.

Everyone who works at SRS Technology & Software is exceptional – or they wouldn’t last very long in the team. Our extraordinary team of creative technologists, designers, developers and strategists make us masters of the web.

Our digital design agencies provides world class services to client based on extensive experience, regional knowledge, sound judgement, trust, integrity and discretion.

Responsive. Reliabile. Accountable.

SRS Tech & Software Provides Managed IT Services, Domain Rego, Hosting, Web based Custom Software Solution and Technology Consulting for any type and size of businesses. Whether it’s extra security for your wired and wireless networks, compliance support for today’s stringent regulatory mandates, or you want to gain the benefits of Systems Virtualization – SRS Tech & Software provides this and more for an affordable price.

Our core values are Responsiveness, Reliability and Accountability. We strive to give you the highest level of service you come to expect from us. Without these values in place, we are simply just another one of those average managed service providers.

what we offer

Domain Registration

Everything begins with the perfect domain name. Not only how your customers are best able to find you, but also allows you to present your brand in the best light.

Hosting Service

Our powerful, reliable web hosting backs your site on a stable & secure platform. All plans include drag-and-drop builder, and your choice of disc space. launch you site in a minute.

Website Design

A world class website is designed to solve a business challenge, but also honours the brand it is working for. To succeed in this goal, we make sure that we understand your business, and what the victory levers are.

Software Development

We're an industry-leading software company at the forefront of mobile application, software development & web-based application development. Our solutions span a multitude of verticals, including the healthcare, hospitality industries.

I Want to Save Money

Successful businesses invest in technology to be efficient and increase productivity, which is possible only if the IT works. At SRS Tech & Software we will work with your business and budget to find the most cost efficient service possible.

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Trusted Service

A world class website is designed to solve a business challenge, but also honours the brand it is working for. We understand where and how businesses succeed, and in the other hand what changes they need to make them better. We are here to make business simple yet exclusive.

I Want Uncomplicated

Security is our number one concern. This includes blocking brute force attacks on your website across our all infrastructure, blocking bots and tools that are scanning your website for vulnerabilities or simply trying to disfunction your website with a DDoS attack.

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More Time

Optimizing your time and streamlining processes is essential to increasing your business’s productivity. We are here for you when you need us and ensure everything is running smoothly so that you can focus your time on your business.

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