This year’s WWDC shook the technology landscape once more. As the name implies, the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is true to its name and placed its focus solely on the developer aspects of the Apple ecosystem. This year’s edition was very different. We witnessed exciting, new mobile software enhancements and the introduction of a completely new operating system which will change the course of software development for years to come.


From a development perspective, the changes announced were mostly regarding API and SDKs, but the most interesting announcement was the introduction of Apple Silicon. Apple announced that they will release their own CPU, Apple Silicon, on all devices by the end of the year and they expect the transition period to be two years.   

Apple is parting ways with their partners, Intel and AMD, as main suppliers for CPU and GPU components which were used in all desktop and laptop products. Apple showed off its first Mac product running the same advanced technology that powers the iPad Pro. This change is significant enough that after 12 years, Apple increased the main version number of macOS from 10 to 11 indicating a true change at the core of the operating system. 


Another useful feature being released includes a translation app. This app is intended to operate in real time to translate various languages and will be ideal for exploration of foreign countries.


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