Our purpose is to make
our client’s lives better

our story

SRS Tech & Software was born out of the realization that IT support for the “little guy” (small to medium-sized businesses) was hard to find. We knew smaller organizations suffer more as a result of IT problems – often to the point where they’re forced to close their doors – and due to tighter budgets, have less money to spend on IT services. We knew that because most managed IT service providers focus solely on big businesses, we had to do something.

We decided to separate ourselves from the rest by making it easier for small to mid-sized organizations to get the support they need. We began forming solid relationships with our clients through open communication and a desire to help them succeed. The more we got to know our business owners, the better we were able to align their IT infrastructure with their goals.

In short, we work hard to earn the trust of small to medium-sized companies. By forging solid partnerships, owners have peace of mind knowing we’ll always act in the best interests of their business by providing the correct solutions to meet their needs.

We are Driven by design
And Led by technology

That Makes us One Team: You + SRS Software

SRS Software is a creative application development agency that helps innovative brands and businesses engage with their customers across multiple digital platforms. We utilize a user centric design philosophy combined with inventive uses of leading edge technology to develop web and mobile applications that connect with users on a visceral level. Since our humble beginnings in 2018 we’ve been driven by our mission to design and build intuitive experiences that people love.

Our Mission

Solve complex problems
with modern Technology & Design
by providing top class security protocol

We empower our team to create meaningful experiences
in a positive environment where we can all prosper

Leave I.T. to Us!

If you’ve been on the lookout for an IT Services Partner who will improve your cyber security, reduce costs and increase your business’s productivity, your search is over.

Whether you need extra protection for your networks, compliance support for today’s strict regulatory mandates, or strategic planning services for the future growth of your business, SRS Tech & Software has everything you need to help you succeed.

As industry leaders, our dedicated team focuses on building proven manage IT service solutions. Our results are not base on features or price, but tested security results.

Ready to join the Team?

Everyone that works here has a desire to create amazing user experiences. Being great at what you do is the cost of entry at SRS Tech & Software; what tends to get people hired is fit. When talented people fit well together they produce some pretty impressive stuff. 

We always strive to put the right people with the right skills on the right projects. Everyone here works directly with our clients, so if a client has a question that relates to the design they’ll speak to the designer that worked on it. It’s fun, as it should be. We spend so much of our life working that we’d best enjoy it.

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