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Developing smart in-house solutions and adopting innovative technology is our passion and our craft. We were pioneers in secure account isolation and among the first to use Linux containers. We heavily customized this new lightweight virtualization method to ensure it matches our security and reliability standards. We introduced a custom Let’s Encrypt SSL integration for our clients as soon as it came out. We developed a proprietary AI software preventing over 5 million brute-force attacks every day. And that’s just the beginning. We never stop innovating to bring you the best service possible.


Security is our number one concern. We are taking it very seriously and we have done several precautions to make your site safer! This includes blocking brute force attacks on your website across our all infrastructure, blocking bots and tools that are scanning your website for vulnerabilities or simply trying to disfunction your website with a DDoS attack.

We are keeping our infrastructure clean of intruders. Our anti malware scanner is constantly running on our servers looking for any signs of malware code. If we find such intrusion, we take all necessary steps to remove it, find the cause and learn from it so we can take more actions to prevent this from happening ever again. Enhanced security and free malware removal comes with all our plans!

We are...

Blocking attack attempts on
your website.
Fighting spam bots and other
unwanted traffic

Keeping software
up to date

Scanning & Cleaning all sites  if needed

What Makes SRS HOST
So Different?


High standards for technical excellence and expertise helps us continuously improve our service quality and advanced performance.

Data Centers

Our Tier 3 classified data centers in multiple locations around the world ensure higher level performance, efficiency and data security.


Scalability is a way to your business growth. Configuring custom features and solutions, we adjust to your individual preferences.


With data and physical security being one of our priorities, we ensure client‘s privacy, relying on innovative and sustainable solutions.


Trusting top tier hardware solutions from market leaders allow us to provide you with powerful enterprise level performance.

Open source

We strongly believe in providing open source solutions to you whenever possible with 99.9% uptime guarantee so you don’t have to worry.

Our Locations

SRS Host provides 8 geographically diverse locations allowing you to host your
application across 4 different continents.

Trusted Globally

With a great network infrastructure & support it's no wonder thousands have chosen SRS Hosting. We are proud to deliver superior customer experience for major industries

24/7/365 Support

Trained technical support, available at all times, ensures a fast and efficient response to your requests and individual business needs.

Certified Expertise

Our expertise is a continuous improvement process, allowing our support to provide you with latest technology advances.

99.9% Uptime

The availability of your website is our top priority. We stand by that fact with our up-time guarantee, so you don’t have to worry.

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